The hotel rooms

Each room at Hotel Nesbyen is unique. Similarly to jazz, inspiration comes from different places and different eras. There are several musicians at the hotel, and they all play in different genres. This variation in the rooms gives the hotel a charm, honesty, and preservation of history that stands out from other and more modern hotels.

The rooms provide an overview of the hotel’s timeline. Some of the rooms are of an older character, with an old look and interior. Other rooms have seen a bit of renovation to varying degrees. Some rooms have desks, others don’t. Some rooms have bathrooms, while others do not. Some rooms have squeaky beds, while others don’t.

Since the 1960s, Hotel Nesbyen has been telling stories through its rooms. Preservation of history was central when parts of the hotel were refurbished back in 2021. With the road café from 1951 as inspiration, several rooms and common rooms were renovated.

When you book a room with us, tell us what is important to you. You will then be assisted and your needs will be met as efficiently as possible. The hotel offers single rooms, double rooms, triple rooms, and family rooms.

Modernized rooms are also available at the hotel.

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